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Best 32 Wedding Venues in Tulum Mexico

If you are wondering where you should get married in Tulum, you have come to the perfect place, I mean page. Let me start by saying you've picked an amazing place to Elope or plan your intimate wedding. Tulum has incredible tropical weather year-round. So now that you've selected your travel destination it would be easy to see most of the options for Tulum and the villas that it has to offer for your unique celebration, so without further delay here are 32 options with photos we can mention.


A private oasis, La Valise is made of 11 exotically furnished rooms between jungle and sea. Its striking 3 villa A formation, which is a unique context, found no where else in Tulum. Plus a salt-water infinity pool steps away from the Caribbean Sea + Hammocks everywhere so you can truly relax after your big day in a Tulum Wedding Villa specially for you and your partner.

La Valise Hotel Aerial Drone Wedding Photography

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2. Nest

A magical setting for an authentic experience elevated by original architecture, in an intimate native beach setting. Nest has a minimal design, quiet area, in midst of the jungle with private villas + suites.

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A genuine gastronomical adventure, this restaurant, Itzik offers an open space for every one of your ideas. Its atmosphere & style is middle eastern mixed with a little boho Tulum. A lot of greenery and edgy vibes from all around this place.

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4. Radhoo

From the entrance to the carefully crafted luxurious rooms this venue is immersed in natural paradise unlike no other. Radhoo is Lush, Bohemian, Mystical and Luxury.

Radhoo Tulum Mexico Couple Session Photography
Radhoo Tulum Entrance Mexico Couple Session Videography

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This is a new jungle Venue named Arcadia with some greek background. Arcadia (meaning) from Renaissance mythology, refers to vision a poetic shaped space associated with bountiful natural splendor and harmony. This is exactly what this place embodies, the use of arches brings a mix of jungle with a bit of Mediterranean touch.

Arcadia Jungle wedding venue in Tulum
mediterranean arches in Arcadia Wedding venue quintana roo

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The Orchid House hotel has a vibrant center pool which is surrounded by greenery and beautiful rooms. What we most love is the rooftop nest which is perfect for intimate ceremony and elopement dinners. It also has a yoga space that is excellent for an intimate ceremony and live music at night which just sets the perfect mood to relax and have an amazing time.

Image from Orchid House | See Elopement highlight film


Boutique hotel nestled along a strip of Tulum Beach. Encantada is detail oriented and peaceful. A getaway with your loved ones or special retreat for that big day event. Very private and with only 8 rooms you will never feel crowded.

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A natural cenote in the shape of a heart, I mean it doesn't get more romantic as this, am I right?

Cenote Corazon is surrounded by natural subaquatic garden and jungle, so you could have your whole ceremony in the middle of it all on a wooden platform just for yourselves.

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9. NÜ

NU is one of the top 5 restaurants in Quintana Roo by Travel and Leisure. Hailing from Mexico City, seven chefs led by celebrity chef Cesar Castañeda, sought a culinary adventure that led them to Tulum. As a symbol of this journey, each of the chefs had the same tattoo printed on their skin. This place is a blend of modern and traditional Mexican cuisine. A very laid back space, perfect for a minimalist or modern ceremony and dinner right in the same area. So if you are a foodie and appreciate a darker, candlelight ambience, this might be the perfect place for you.

Modern Indigo Elopement in NU Tulum
Modern Indigo Elopement in NU Tulum

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One of the most beautiful cenotes in the Riviera Maya. Taak Bi Ha Cenote is right next to the Cenote Dos Ojos which is very crowded, but right across from it you can find this jewel. The entrance is about 50 steps through a very steep staircase which leads to this cave like cenote, its all artificial light emulating natural light. The place has cristal clear water and natural fauna (bats particularly) can be heard and seen in it which is part of the incredible experience of this place. There is an extra cost to do a photo session or get married inside so contact before you go.

Taak Bi Ha Cenote Couple Session

Image by Artonico Stories (us) | See Elopement highlight film


A white sand paradise beach club. Has a little bit of shopping square at the entrance and great music in the lounge/bar area. Ak'iin Beach Club is an incredible beach front open space perfect blank slate for your beach ceremony, and then later for the reception an amazing upper level terrace is available within the jungle under one beautiful roof. Plus it also offers a few boutique rooms for you to get ready and then head off to enjoy your big day.

Image from Junebug Wedings | Decor Maria Limon


12. Sanah

Located in the middle of the jungle, away from all the busy life of Tulum. This new concept in Tulum are private Villas that take influence on Mediterranean and beautiful boho full of style. Sanah has romantic couple's packages to enjoy the spa and a Yoga area that can be transformed to your perfect ceremonial necessity. Algo the local chef and owner can cater to your intimate wedding needs.

Sanah Villas Tulum

Image from Sanah Tulum


Private and ideal venue, beach front spot within a unique space. It's a luxury hotel where you can enjoy utmost privacy surrounded by decor + art. Casa Malca is contemporary art, relaxing beach beds and with 3 different restaurants in the property you can choose which is to your liking. Capacity over 200 people the possibilities are infinite of all the incredible eclectic/boho/classy + as unique as you can imagine.

Casa Malca Wedding in Tulum

Image from Casa Malca


14. Azulik

If you are looking for a truly mystical experience that will only happen in Azulik. This architectural masterpiece is the perfect setting to set the mood for a romantic getaway. 48 villas in harmony with the mayan jungle, no a/c or TV helps you reconnect with your surroundings. Rooftop Nest with views that will change your ideal reception dreams.

Best Wedding Venues Tulum | Azulik Hotel

Images from Azulik


This venue Hotel Bardo mixes contemporary lifestyle and luxury while being secluded within the mayan jungle, so it's far from ordinary. Glass full windows villas with private pools, jungle gardens and beautiful areas to make your ceremony special.

Best Wedding Villas Tulum | Hotel Bardo

Image from Hotel Bardo


This minimalist off the grid hideaway is great if you are looking for a place that is a bit more relax, contemporary and not necessarily beach front. Eight villas which can easily accommodate your closest family and friends for your intimate celebration.

Top Wedding Venues Tulum | 16 Tulum

Image from Junebug Weddings


Merging local culture and sustainability Papaya Playa Project is a masterpiece. Cocooned by the jungle on a pristine stretch of the Caribbean, Papaya Playa is a communal playground for the creative community that allows one to reconnect to nature with an urban spirit. Made with natural wood, cream stone walls just to soak up the warmth of the surroundings.

Top image from Design Homes | Bottom Image from Wedinspire


Beach-front sustainable hotel with a carbon neutral stay, committed with creating a sustainable future. 64 villas within the tropical jungle, white sand and quiet ambiance.

Be Tulum Hotel Beach beds

Image from BeTulum


19. Habitas

Image from STP Caribe

Habitas is considered a sustainable sanctuary in Tulum nestled in between the jungle and Caribbean sea. These perfectly thought of huts will make your experience more like an adventure; some jungle rooms with private pools, others with sea view.


This place has a very cool vibe to it, jungle, garden and sea villas, right on the hotel zone it offers an ideal place to make those unforgettable experiences plus being beachfront if you want to incorporate this to being part of your day it is an option.

Image from Trip advisor

Jungle Keva Tulum

A jungle boutique retreat made of five superb + Stylish lodges. Private, perfect for small groups and families. Jungle Keva is a perfect getaway & award winning destination. This hotel is located in La Veleta which is not in the hotel zone of Tulum, yet its more contemporary and newer buildings.

Image from Jungle Keva Tulum


22. Arca

A beautiful restaurant located in the hotel zone of Tulum. Arca offers an incredible menu crafted from local cuisine. For those looking for a darker scene this might be the place for you. Warm inviting tables, great for wedding receptions and rehearsals.

Image from Arca Tulum


Dreams Tulum is a resort and spa is an all-inclusive option you might want to check out. Spacious rooms, reservation-free dining and all you can imagine they have it, even an explorers kids club, specially for the little ones to have fun while you enjoy your beautiful destination plans.

Image from Junebug Weddings


24. Kima

Kima is a beautiful finca in the jungle, located 5 minutes south of the Tulum town, its close to Cenote Escondido and 20 minutes from the beach. It's the perfect place to create a magical backdrop of your dream day.

Image from Junebug Weddings


A tropical oasis just a few minutes from the town, this is Una Vida. Located at Av. La selva between Xcaret and Kohunlich Tulum. This one is a dog friendly alternative if you would love to travel with your extended family of fur babies.

Image from Una Vida


26. Nômade

Treehouses, villas, and tents, if you are more into natural settings and harmony with our planet, this place puts efforts to stay carbon neutral while still providing exclusivity and luxury. Plus its in the hotel zone and beachfront, gorgeous settings all over and great place to celebrate your getaway weekend too.

Image from Nomade


27. Akkuun

Akkûun Tulum is an exclusive beachfront hotel with 7 towers each with 3 levels and a diverse category room types that encompass the whole Tulum experience. It's a boutique hotel with garden, jungle and sea view rooms and all of them are worth it.

Image from Akkûun Tulum


Mia Tulum is Restaurant and Beach club which holds Tulum largest Wine cellar. So if you are into a beautiful Mexican cuisine and wine this place could be your perfect choice.

Best wedding venues Tulum | Mia Restaurant

Image from Wedding wire


29. Kanan

Adults only Beachfront Spa Resort right in the hotel zone in Tulum. Very well decorated and vibrant rooms, a little rustic and lounge furniture + a wooden en-suite soaking tub to relax on.

Image from

Wild tulum restaurant

Wild Tulum is a restaurant and bar nestled in the jungle, wild and diverse landscape. A fusion of traditional mayan craftsmanship with rustic elements, alongside modern and elegant influence.

Image from Trip advisor


31. Sanara

Sanará meaning, ‘you will heal’, is a barefoot luxury hotel on Tulum Beach, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. At Sanara hotels you will feel the warmth of the pristine white sand between your toes as you weave between our beach garden sanctuaries, world-class Wellness Center, ocean-front Yoga studio and highly acclaimed conscious kitchen, the Real Coconut.

Sanara Luxury hotel destination Wedding

Unique in Tulum this Boutique Hotel is inspired by the emblematic designs from the riads in Morocco, oversized doors and open-air living areas. You might not see the beauty of the houses from outside but wait until you step inside, the heavenly world full of culture, tradition and history will certainly open you eyes to a new experience and fascinating world.

Images from Airbnb


We can help you on this adventure!

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Now that you found your ideal Tulum venue and might have an idea on your date, this is where we step in and help you make it all happen. Contact us! We will capture your celebration as unique as you guys are. We are Alexa + Sam from Artonico Stories, we are a destination wedding photography and videography tag team. We love styling unique elopement, traveling around the world and being with our two dogs.

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Here's the full list (in no specific order)

  1. La Valise

  2. Nest

  3. Itzik

  4. Radhoo

  5. Arcadia

  6. Orchid House

  7. Encantada

  8. Cenote corazón

  9. Taak bi ha Cenote

  10. Ak’iin Beach Club

  11. Sanah

  12. Casa Malca

  13. Azulik

  14. Hotel Bardo

  15. 16 Tulum

  16. Papaya playa Project

  17. Be Tulum

  18. Habitas

  19. Ma’xanab

  20. Jungle Keva

  21. Arca

  22. Dreams Tulum

  23. Kima

  24. Una vida

  25. Nômade

  26. Akkuun

  27. Mia Rest.

  28. Kanan

  29. Wild Tulum

  30. Sanara

  31. Ambre & Epices

Hope you found this helpful, if you do please share. Don't know if I missed any other nice venue, so please comment if you think I should add more to the list.



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