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Magical Beach Elopement in Tulum, Mexico // Celestial / La Valise, Mexico

What will the stars, moon and sun say about our love. Will our story run across galaxies and reach the far end of the universe?

This is an innovative elopement story in the beautiful natural setting of Tulum. Influenced by the flow of the universe and the surrounding beauty of the natural planet, this shoot is CELESTIAL.

La Valise Wedding in Tulum Mexico
Magical Elopement in Tulum Mexico La valise hotel

Sat out to imagine a part of the bride’s thoughts as she has this inner dialogue with her lover: “My love, let’s walk together to the sea, towards our destiny. We’re never alone, your hands guide me. My dear, what will the stars, moon and sun say about our love? Will our story run across galaxies and reach the far end of the universe? How about that silence we feel at night? Maybe it's the stars whispering to each other about us. We spend lifetimes dreaming about heaven, what if it's the heavens that are inspired by our story?

Your eyes are my strength. They grace my body & caress my soul. I feel you close. Outside

of us lies a constant chaos only tamed by the sound of your heartbeat. They give meaning

to my existence. The world pauses just listening to you."

As couples look to smaller weddings and elopements we wanted to create something

inspiring with a sustainable message. If we are to begin traveling again we have to consider the impact our events has on the landscapes we visit.


Part of the inspiration for our photography and the design of this concept was a tribute to this “magical vibes” of Tulum's natural setting and the serenity of the celestial. As architecture also inspires us, La Valise and its striking 3 villa formation, which is a unique context, found no where else in Tulum. Take a look into the carefully detailed stationery by Acqua and Ink all the precious calligraphy in which the structure is part of, as well as nature essence.

We made subtle reference to the sun and the moon throughout the styling -which was Designed & Hosted by Style Led Creatives- particularly love the details to the rings by Rhodes. Look closely and you discover the intricate carvings into the precious metals. As the rings specially designed with the all phases of the moon and textures of its surface as well. The ceremony backdrop created was magical, outlined with neon, it was a perfect backdrop against the stormy dark skies.

We are full believers that a film is not meant to be something just put together like a soup, EVERYTHING HAS TO HAVE MEANING. So that is why this film it’s a lot deeper than what it seems. We felt like an explanation behind it was needed so the audience can follow along our inspiration.

In the opening where it states “let’s walk together to the sea” the shot it’s rotated. It should feel unnatural since we intended for it to depict as if a celestial being is looking over the couple from another stratosphere or dimension.

As the film pases, the couple and an implied third character are introduced. A celestial being (the star, the one with the crown is looking from above, watching over their love)

Two scenes are very specific in their meaning. Going over to the celestial, is shown were she is going up the stairs. The next one where she seems to be walking above the water, symbolizes entering to the celestial.

At the end, the couple enters into the celestial when they are both shown walking in the water.

They’re both part of something bigger than them. They are the protagonist of the love story of a universe.



Photography + Videography @artonico.stories

Plant + Event Hosts // @styleledcreatives

Design + style + floral // @butlerandwhite_ @marialimon_

Venue // @lavalisetulum @encantadatulum

Specialist Lighting // @eventechnology

Hair // @danielperezastorga

Makeup // @faralevenemez

Sequin Dress (ceremony) // @julita_ldn_bride

Menswear // @inthemiddletulum

Ladies Fashion // @wanderlustulum

Jewelry // @treemyriah

Tulum Jewelry designer // @zacbetulum

Rings // Rhodes Wedding Co.

Paper designs // @acqua_and_ink

Local planner // @angelinacardenasevents

Couple // @cenitch @procrasternation

Chair rental // @minimal4.0

flatware + Glassware rental //Archive Rentals

Intimate Wedding Elopement in Tulum Beach Mexico
Celestial + Magical Elopement in Tulum Mexico
Celestial Tulum Beach Elopement in Mexico
Celestial + Magical Elopement in Tulum Mexico

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