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Hey there, we’re Alexa and Sam, two wanderlust souls and creative directors one with a degree in architectural design and another with an MBA in marketing, now turned storytellers through photography & videography. We’re passionate about raw emotions and showcasing couples unique love stories.
We have been working for over 8 years in design, photography, editing and videography. We’re travel enthusiast, dog lovers, daydreamers and have a creative team to help us on every details, so you don’t have to worry. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN! 




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amazing videographers, fresh and inspiring. They are very dedicated and it really shows in their work and all interactions with their clients. They have great energy, and I really loved my wedding video which included drone footage. They are very responsible and communicative, their videography style is modern and in touch. I ended up so happy we chose videography with them, our video was so genuine, real, and beautiful. I am so happy and grateful we worked together, don't hesitate!


"Their talent and human quality are worth every penny...Artonico brings a much-needed refreshing approach to the wedding industry. Their tasteful judgment and flawless execution are a force to be reckoned with. I am so happy I followed my gut and hired Artonico for our wedding."


They are simply the best!
Sam and Alex are simply the perfect combination. Their dedication and passion is just out of this world. We love the way that Sam is always aware of every single detail, and Alex has such an amazing imagination for every shot.

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