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Europe Elopement Photographer


We know you have a lot of questions so,
here it is...

Why should you hire us?

Because you are not looking for a traditional wedding photographer. You are searching for someone who truly gets you,  who encourages boldness, uniqueness and an out of the box mindset. You want someone who will embrace your wild ideas and use that to fuel their inspiration and creativity towards capturing your unique adventurous love.

Who edits and who shoots?

We both take photos and shoot film. Alexa is the lead editor for both photos and videos. Sam only edits photos. How about we encourage Sam to pitch in on the video editing as well..right? Help me out on this guys.

What's your style?

We lean towards the editorial, unconventional and alternative.

By this we mean an edgy look, a bold spirit and an eclectic and artistic vibe.

All of this mixed with moody tones and an adventurous and rock and roll attitude. 

Spain Elopement Photographer

Do you travel?

YES, YES AND YES!!!!!! To any part of the world. From a pair of traveling enthusiast like us, we always have that wanderlust spirit and travel itch. We believe that the world is meant to be explored and that no place is remote. We actually encourage couples to envision their most dreamed of destination and actually getting married there. Do you want to get married somewhere dreamy, off the beaten path or exotic? Let us know, we will make it happen!

What's your turn around time?

For couples sessions it's two to three weeks and for weddings it's ten to twelve weeks.

These could vary, we will send a contract with the estimate times.

How can we book you?

Luckily we all live in the internet era, unless you live in a cave. Either way, since you’re reading this you have some sort of wifi or internet connection…thank God for that. All the booking process is done electronically.

It starts when a couple sends us an email inquiry. Before we send our pricing list and or engage in any formal contract, we always like to schedule a brief video call so we can all meet and share ideas. If a physical meeting is possible, we can meet over coffee or drinks. Once we have met and talked about ideas and both of our styles match, we will send our pricing by email. After the couple tells us they’re selection, we proceed to draft a contract and send it by email for approval along with the request for the deposit amount to reserve our services. Once approved, couples send over the signed contract by email along with proof of deposit payment. Once all is received, your date is officially booked in our calendar. 

What is the deposit amount and how can we pay our deposit?

Deposit amount range between an advanced in payment of 30% of the selected total package cost. We accept Venmo and PayPal for deposit payment.

Do you give the original raw un-edited files?

Raw files aren’t available for viewing and/or purchase. Honestly do you want to go over lots and lots of files and photos in which you may look cross eyed, doing a weird face or with your hands in funky awkward way? How about one where granny felt asleep, no right? Trust us, we do all the hard work in order to filter out the best photos. Then again you paid us for this am I right? Joking aside, although we take a lot of photos and video clips, we have an experienced eye for details, proper lighting and angles etc. We carefully select only the best moments in which you both look like the rock stars that you are and we carefully curate the optimal photo selections for your gallery.  

How much in advance do you book?

year in advanced

How long have you been doing this?

Alexa has always been into some sort of expression of art. Her background in design let her to pursue to photography as a hobby. This all actually started when we moved to Madrid, Spain since 2016. We started traveling a lot and got into blogging as means to document the places we’ve been to and as as a way to bring our friends and family along with us we started taking photography more seriously.


Honestly I, Sam, didn’t know anything about photography, but I did show interest and Alexa thought me everything I know. One thing let to the other, started doing some freelancing work, and then got into couples and weddings. We got back to Puerto Rico about two years ago and since then, we have been dedicated full time to photography and filmmaking.

Can you make your photos lighter colored?

It's very important  for us that you hire someone who you genuinely like their photos and edits. We love every part of our work. The way we edit reflects our approach to photography and a very important part of our style. . If you showed interest in our work it means you like our editing style and colors. Even though we will always have our clients best interest in mind, we are very diligent in preserving our overall tones, because they go hand in hand with our style.

amazing videographers, fresh and inspiring. They are very dedicated and it really shows in their work and all interactions with their clients. They have great energy, and I really loved my wedding video which included drone footage. They are very responsible and communicative, their videography style is modern and in touch. I ended up so happy we chose videography with them, our video was so genuine, real, and beautiful. I am so happy and grateful we worked together, don't hesitate!

Leah Collins

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