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Think about Holland and you picture endless colorful tulip fields as far as the eye can see. The land of the world famous windmills that seem to be taken out from a jigsaw puzzle. The charming city of Amsterdam is the first city that pops in your mind, with its picture perfect canals, trendy neighborhoods and friendly open people. Then there is the unconventional, edgy character of Dutch design. Always seeming to be ahead of time, in the forefront of well thought and sophisticated ideas that perfectly represents Dutch friendliness and openness. When it comes to staying in a hotel in Amsterdam, nothing is better that experiencing a place that best represents all that is Dutch.

The Lloyd Hotel is a very well-known icon all throughout Amsterdam and many of the traits like connecting history, people, arts and Dutch design are represented all over the building, constructed by the Royal Dutch Lloyd in 1921 which makes it a monument all by itself. In its origins, the hotel hosted Eastern European emigrants waiting for a ship to go abroad usually to America. Then, during the period of WW2 the hotel served as a shelter for refugees and later as a juvenile detention center. Later it became a thriving community of numerous artists. The hotel´s location is also of resemblance, since it´s situated near the trendy neighborhood area of the Eastern Docklands one that has seen rapid cultural and urban development. Using tram 26 or tram 10 makes it very easy to reach the hotel. Or if you want to walk, it´s only about 20 walk to the city center. In 2004, product of the work of 50 artists and designers the hotel re-opened as the world’s first 1 to 5 star boutique hotel concept.

We were truly impacted with the exquisite details of Dutch design product of more than 50 artists that have participated in the hotel, creating a great atmosphere for interaction between guests, while also sparking creativity and time to reflect. The hotel interior was designed in collaboration with Dutch architects MVRDV and accented with details from internationally renowned Dutch designers including Richard Hutten, Claudy Jongstra, Joep Van Lieshout and Christoph Seyferth.

Our stay in the Lloyd hotel brought a new perspective of what to expect when staying at a hotel. The artistic approach on design, the surprise elements and the impressive delivery of cultural aspects will provide travelers from all different stripes with the most authentic Dutch experience during their visit to Amsterdam. What a memorable time we had in The Lloyd Hotel.

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