Eclectic Boho & Bold Elopement in Puerto Rico // Te imaginé

"Te Imaginé" (I Imagined You) concept design was inspired in bringing a mix of the rad and bold with the elegant and eclectic. This is achieved by including different elements that make this an exquisite blend. For example, the bride and groom's un conventional attire style, rather than the use of the common wedding outfits. In addition, the details of the bride's H&M and the unconventional colors of the groom's tux and shoes. Also, we used an abandoned building ruins dating back to the 1800's in order to bring a certain mystique to the overall elopement concept feel.

Instead of just showcasing the elopement ceremony, when we sat down to design the concept for "Te Imaginé" (I Imagined You), we envisioned creating a short film around the story behind this couple's 3 different experiences:

- their night together before their wedding ceremony

- their elopement ceremony

- the morning after their ceremony

Documenting this event with the use of photography & the short film, gives the audience the opportunity to experience the complete story of this couple's wedding escapade.

We wanted to make evident that unique and bold elopements are possible. With this concept, we try to encourage couples to get out of the box with us on this one. Imagining this...getting married how they TRULY desire with a unique destination elopement concept designed by us. Let’s get out there and create magic together. Let’s portray your true & unique styles. Let’s continue imagining and re-defying the constant. That wild idea that you both have envisioned is not meant to be discarded. It can be brought to life. It’s not about what society dictates, it’s about you. It’s not about your family & friends telling you how a wedding should be, it’s about truly expressing HOW UNIQUE you both are.

It’s not about following what everyone else is doing, is about telling the world how inspiring & creative your love story is.

We get you. you’re one of us!

Let’s not follow the crowds.

Let’s not let others dictate what makes us feel accomplished.

We are dreamers.

We are passionate.

We are wild.

We are wanderlusters.

We are us.

That spark that makes your love, so powerful, so bold, so risky, so festive and yes, so magically unique is what we want to present to the world. Elope anywhere in the world.

We are that tag team that understands your crazy idea, no matter how wild you may think it is. Actually, the wilder the better.

This elopement was brought to life with the incredible creative professionals:

Design, concept + photography & videography // @artonico.stories

Planning & coordination //

Hair & Makeup // @nicollepotencial

Flowers & Details // @natalialiriano

Couple // @ile_islena + @rickyfountain

Tux // @angelostux

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