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Make your Adventure Elopement rad & unique with these ideas

If you clicked on this blog post about eloping, it means that you're seriously considering the idea of an elopement, first of all, "Good for you!". Having said that an elopement, since it is just the two of you, sharing an intimate moment should be something personal, so thats why the creation of this list should help you when deciding what to do on your emotional day. Here are a few ideas:

Make it abroad in your dream location

Dolomite Elopement

Travel to that destination you have been saving over and over on you IG account. Maybe its the Dolomites in Italy that are calling you, or maybe its Tulum in Mexico. Whichever option you are considering, we'll help you and make this happen. From the styling, planning and documenting everything from raw emotions on photo and video. Contact us here, we would love to setup a video call and get to know you and your dreams.

Plan an adventure

Can't decide where to Elope, well don't, Go from Milan into Venice and then to the Dolomites for a week and make your getaway as adventurous as you want. See the recent elopement story on this next video:

Do something out of the box

Go snorkeling, rappelling, deep diving, just have the best time on your elopement day. So many activities to choose from, one does not have to limit to just one or few.

Enjoy the moment at a private Airbnb

Sam and I, Alexa, have traveled around the world a lot, if you love to travel then feel free to check out our IG @travelingpursuit. Just know that one of the experiences that I treasure the most is getting into a nicely designed airbnb. You can get such a joy in renting an A-frame or a gorgeous cabin all for yourselves, stay a night or two and have an escapade in the woods before going hiking for the Ceremony. Or your idea of a nice time might be a Positano apartment overlooking the sails, surrounded by local luxury boutiques and near gelato shops. We are down for either, we will help with travel schedules and booking plans.

Have a picnic on location

This is one of our favorites, not just because

we love food its just the one that is really genuine to pick an incredible background and choose a spot to enjoy a few snacks with one another. Here we had a little rain before the picnic but it was so worth it after seeing the full rainbow coming from the mountains at Alpe di Siusi.

Step out of the traditional outfits

Oh yes please! We cannot say it enough, get out of the idea that your bridal dress has to be a certain way or color. NO WAY! Your dress could be tan, have florals with different colors, and don't get me started on the tux, please no navy blue. There's so many gorgeous colors to choose from to step away from traditional and step into amazing! Oh yes gurl!

Out with the common wedding shoes and bring on the hiking boots

Not much to say on this one, if people let us, we would be on sneakers everyday, so why can't you have boots on your day! Go ahead an get those hiking or fashion boots on and forget about the heels! Hope this motivation is enough for you to to it (if it is, let us know in the comments)

Rock out with some instruments

Musicians have a very special part in my heart, my dad being a pianist for all his life, I feel that it is so special when couples dedicate songs, rhythms to each other, make it even more remarkable & unique.

Design your dream decor for the ceremony

Am I the only one who loves when the aesthetics in a wedding is in perfect harmony with its surroundings? (I think this comes from my architectural background) Well even more when this happens at an elopement. Even though the backdrops in adventure elopements are incredibly awe-inspiring, from mountains, waterfalls to breathtaking locations, I always suggest for details to elevate the area and make it your own. Maybe something that frames you in your surroundings, flowers around you to embrace the ambiance, ohh so many possibilities...We love the styling in Elopements, so don't worry cause we'll help you out on it! Contact us & let's make this happen!

Write your personalized vows

Our favorite reason we love elopements its because of the intimacy the couple has over a traditional big wedding. You can do literally whatever you want on your elopement day, the most important thing is the promises that you give each other and the continuos adventure with your life partner, so making those words count are a very important part of your day.

Try something you haven't done before

Maybe you have never done couple's massage in a Moroccan Hammam or a Coconut massage in Thailand, complete different experiences and worth it. Start the day with these laid back vibes and sit back & just relax. And after you can even step out at the Riad and make it the ceremony in those insanely beautiful interiors at Morocco.

Rent a cool transport

Make cool cars part of your experience. Take the hood down, rent a 4x4, a vespa scooter or even some motorbikes. Whatever you are into, take it with you. You dont have to stop being you, specially this day.

Make it last a week (or a few day)

Planning your own elopement you get to decide its duration. One day isn't simply enough sometimes. 3 days is more like it, maybe a weekend or a week sound more like you two; a month if you are extra. We will document every special moment you share in the adventure with you.

Do a first look

Many couples prefer to have a very intimate moment before getting officially married to see each other and get all those raw emotions out. Take this time to write each other a letter, give a memorable gift or read each others vows, its beautiful.

Plan something at the beach, but make it rad

It could get a little tricky here because the beach setting is used a lot for the norm of weddings but coming from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, there are so many insane and rad things one can do at the beach, setup some frames with some neons for example like this Elopement in Tulum. You can have a bodyboarding afternoon, you can setup a relaxing time at a secluded island. Also there are moody beaches like the PNW, the coast of Oregon is one of our favorite places to shoot.

Cannon Beach Oregon wedding Photographer
Oregon Wedding Photographer videographer

Get ready together

Puerto Rico Boho Elopement

This is not common at all, many couples decide to get ready separately so they can surprise their partners with how they look, but really imagine how incredible it would be to truly share this moment forever with one another while getting ready together.

Share it with family (or online)

This has gotten very popular lately because of social media platforms and video calls. So easy anyone can literally call you half around the world. So why not have a tripod streaming your elopement at the mountaintop.

Have the sunset to yourself

We're huge fans of sunsets, how the colors change in front of ones eyes, its just mesmerizing. Have that on your day 100% it will be so worth it. The colors of the sky vary depending on which time of day you decide to have your ceremony, so maybe you want a foggy background really early in the morning, well start that day a little early and make it sunrise for a change.

Add personal elements from your story

Speaking from experience, the worst is when one works in the wedding industry and all the weddings start looking exactly like each-other. We always encourage that each love story is unique so never do what everyone else is doing. Your romance is special so take what makes it that way and go with it.

Wear a custom crown or hat

Accessorize! Now that you found that outfit that is perfect for your body type, all you need is its compliments, earrings, headpieces and boots. And for you guys, some hats and pins always make everything personal and stylish. See this Elopement story in Puerto Rico

Unique boho floral headpiece elopement in Puerto Rico
Unique floral headpiece for intimate wedding

Share some sort of artwork with each other

Some of you dont know your capabilities until you develop them, most of us, if we try can come up with magnificent works of art on poems. Maybe you can't write but you can paint, maybe you can do something over graphic design on the iPad, maybe you can cook, well do it. Make your partner feel special.

Painting couple session at Granada Spain
artista pintura sesión de pareja en Granada España

Hire a private chef

If you can't cook or won't cook on that day, hire someone who loves their job and is passionate to be with you on this moment. Chefs are very creative and make them surprise you with your favorite ingredients.

Discover a cave together

Like the start of this entry, plan an adventure, discover someplace together for the first time. Travel to a country you haven't been to. Life is all about experiences and memories with the people you most care about.

Intax the hell out of your day

Fan of polaroids, and random moments, so we can bring our intaxs and get a few to print out on the roadtrip.

Have a class of something you both love

Oh so you love to cook? Well, have a cooking class as part of your experience, submerge in that country's culture. If you decided that you want to elope in Peru, there you will have top class food, so you cannot miss out on trying all of that deliciousness.

Take a ride in the sky

Hot air balloons are so exciting so, why not make it part of your day? If this isn't your thing maybe sky diving is. Or maybe something more relax, like just observing the sky from a nice rooftop together.

Sesion de pareja rooftop en Granada España
moody rooftop couple session in Granada Spain

Enjoy a hot spring

If you want to relax, this option is the perfect one for you. Nothing is more relaxing that being on a jacuzzi or a natural hot spring on a cold day. Have this activity just before the elopement and for sure you will be on cloud 9 just before the ceremony.

Take a dive

Which brings me to this next one, do something you haven't done yet. Maybe its diving, snorkeling, skydiving, parasailing or even driving a quad or a camel in Morocco. We are all for adventure so you can remember you elopement day as the best day, and dont have to worry about your invitations or invitees.

Have your pets with you

As dog lovers, and overall pet lover, we insist that you make your pet par of your day, it will make it even more magical to share that time with them.

Elope freely (whatever you want to do)

Think by now you have thought about what exactly is what you want to experience on your day. It can be literally anything on your mind. That is the beauty of Eloping, its just you, your partner and us documenting every moment you have.

Save it for later

Our services include photography, videography, in most cases travel guidance, planning, styling guides and much more. 

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