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We are a young couple, Alexa & Sam, travel lovers, design enthusiasts passionate about art & cinema. We are both born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

We believe in love and how it arrives with perfect timing. Alexa was 17 years old, and I always had my eye on her, but you know “from a distance.” Super weirdly, before being close friends, before any of the dating, I sometimes approached her to say hi and said to her ear, “You know what, I’m going to marry you one day.” She says she thought I was crazy, but I always knew she liked hearing this. You know what, 10 years later and we got married. 

Our fascination for traveling, adventure and storytelling started on our honeymoon trip across Europe. Out of the 5 countries we visited (Austria, Spain, Czech Republic & Hungary) we fell in love with the metropolitan city of Madrid, Spain. Some how this marvelous European city captivated our hearts and on the flight back I told Alexa "Would you like to live in Madrid together?" Full of emotion and affirmation she replied “yes, let’s do it.” We got back to PR to our office lives, I used to work in Marketing in Johnson & Johnson and Alexa was part of an Architectural Design Team. Coming back from our trip and into our daily routines it was hard for us to picture a life on the pursuit of adventure and the excitement of raw unfiltered emotions. Deep down in our souls, we both knew that we were destined for a life in which we could live to the fullest and pursue our true passions.


Guess what, a year later we left our home country in order to go fulfill our dream of living in Madrid. Here is where it all changed and we finally had the chance to live a lifestyle in which we felt that we belonged. At last, we were home. 


Cameras had always been part of our lives, both of our parents always carried their film cameras and VHS camcorders everywhere. I guess it was in our genes waiting to be woken up and it finally did when we started traveling on a regular basis all over Spain and all across Europe. Blogging and documenting our travels on photos & videos was a way for us to stay connected with family and friends back home. We also started doing some freelance work for different brands + hotels all around Europe, South East Asia and Mexico. We immediately fell in love with photography and videography and what initiated as a hobby turned out to be the starting point of our passion for visual storytelling.  

We knew we had something special and had to make it our full time job. Not being natively Spanish, we sensed that we had to go back to our country of Puerto Rico and continue this journey there. At the same time missing our family and Puerto Rican food we went back to Puerto Rico; having mixed feelings since we loved living in our beautiful Spain. Artonico Stories was officially born on September 2019 in that transition while coming back & going strong. Thanks to all the couples that have trusted us since the beginning. We dont regret anything about our process. God has shown us his time is perfect. We have had the chance to work with so many incredible couples for these past years, traveling together.

Once you get to know us you will see we are not your typical traditional photographers, we are a mixture of adventurous, edgy, editorial, intimate and a little rock and roll. We love to capture the essence of a couple, make you guys feel like models and enjoy the time you spend with us. We are all for candid and raw emotions, feelings in the moment. Having lived in Europe I think fashion forward rubbed off on us, so we will always guide you to look the best you could be with the fashion mentality we've learned. If you have a wild idea, a dreamy destination you want to explore, we will undoubtedly achieve it together .

our adventure is just starting,
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